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Cosmo Kimball, intrepid young puppeteer, is almost ready for his big shot on a big-time TV talent show...Live! Tonight! He’s made a terrific new puppet named Gus, but Cosmo realizes the puppet needs just one more thing: the Perfect Hat.


So Cosmo gets ready to catch the morning bus into the big city. And here’s where you come in! Cosmo needs help deciding which pair of socks to wear. And while it seems like a simple decision, the pair you choose for Cosmo alters the course of his day completely!

As the story progresses, you have more opportunities to make seemingly mundane decisions for Cosmo, each of which sends him off in an entirely different direction. Will Cosmo consort with pirates...or find himself riding a bucking bronco? Will he visit an enchanted castle...or take a rocket trip to the moon? It all depends on what you choose!


No matter the adventure, Cosmo always finds the Perfect Hat — but there are eight different “perfect” hats, eight different endings, and eight different musical puppet performances!


Our wish is that through Cosmo, kids will learn that the choices we make in life affect what happens to us. Sometimes our choices can lead to unforeseen consequences! But if like Cosmo, we always stay focused on our goal, we can achieve great things.

Since there are eight different "perfect" hats, we hope it will occur to kids that "perfection" itself is a silly thing to look for. At the end of the TV talent show, Ted Todman says to Cosmo: "That's quite an adventure that happened to you! But you took what life gave you, and made something new."


Ultimately, we hope Cosmo will teach kids that it's not what we're given in life that matters; it's what we do with what we've got.


Read the interactive script online!


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