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Note: Throughout the various storylines, characters and events sometimes appear in the background which aren’t important at the time, and may even pass unnoticed, but which play a larger role in other storylines. These are noted in blue.

Cosmo Kimball and the Perfect Hat



(We see Cosmo Kimball finishing up his new puppet in his slightly run-down studio/flat.)




                    Meet Cosmo Kimball. His chosen career

                    Is to one day be known as a great puppeteer.


                    Now, some folks aren't sure just what puppeteers are.

                    To some, Cosmo's "hobby" seems kind of bizarre...

                    But Cosmo's not worried if folks think he's odd.

                    When they see his puppetry, then they'll applaud!


                    In fact, his big break is about to come true!

                    With his new puppet Gus, he's all set to debut

                    On Ted Todman’s Talent Time, live on TV!


(We see a TV showing a glitzy commercial for the show.)


                    Tonight they’ll perform for the whole world to see!


(Cosmo turns off the TV.)


                    The puppet looks spiffy. That Cosmo’s a whiz.

                    But he can’t quite decide who this Gus fellow is.

                    Oh, the puppet is great. It can dance! It can sing!

                    But Cosmo is certain it needs one more thing:




                    The Perfect Hat!




                                                The crowning clue

                    To who you are and what you do.

                    “Clothes make the man,” it’s often said;

                    And that includes what’s on your head.


                    Cosmo put down his puppet. No time to discuss!

                    He would ride into town on the very next bus

                    In search of a hat for his friend, newly-sewn.

                    But first to dig up some fresh clothes of his own...


(We see inside Cosmo’s sock drawer, where there are a green and a red pair of socks.)


                    Now, after an epic-length sock puppet show,

                    Cosmo’s sock drawer revealed only two pairs to go.

                    As a broad-minded lad, Cosmo often would find

                    That he needed a friend to help make up his mind.



                    A green or a red pair inside Cosmo’s shoes?

                    Which socks should our hero wear? Which do you choose?





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