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                    So they waved “bye” to George and proceeded to float

                    To the shore, atop Phil’s packing peanut bag boat.


(They arrive at the back of a low-lying building. Phil drags the huge bag of packing peanuts up to his tiny front door in the wall.)


                    In a twinkling they reached Phil’s front door.




                                                                                            This is it!

                    I would ask you in, but I don’t think you’d fit.




                    To swim in your peanut pool does sound like fun,

                    But how will you get them inside?




                                                                            One by one!




                    As Phil started in on this tedious chore

                    Cosmo noticed another (and much larger) door.




                    Do you know what’s inside here?




                                                                            I have no idea.

                    But feel free to look for yourself, Cosmo. See ya!




                    Inside was a staircase which Cosmo descended,

                    Not having the faintest idea where it ended.

                    For minutes he trudged, hearing only the sound

                    Of his feet on the stairs leading deep underground.


                    At last, when he came to the bottom-most floor

                    There appeared a short hallway that led to a door.

                    Inside, a round room with a desk and a chair.

                    A window showed nothing but darkness out there.

                    Cosmo let out a sigh when his rear hit the seat,

                    And the desk shouldn’t mind if he rested his feet...


                    His foot hit a button! It pulsed with green light!

                    The door slammed! A seatbelt snared Cosmo in tight!


LOUDSPEAKER ON THE WALL (a bored voice):


                    All systems are go. This is Ground Control Crew.


                    One-zero-Blast Off!


(Cut to the front of the building. A door slides open on a manhole-type opening in the ground, and a rocket shoots out of it.)




                                                        That underground place

                    Was in fact a huge rocket now flying through space!


(From inside the rocket we see the chicken balloon whiz by the window.)


                    The once-darkened window screamed sky blue with light,

                    Then the clouds passed, and then came the star-studded night.

                    Our Cosmo-naut quavered, and started to swoon.




                    This is Ground Control Crew. Now approaching the moon.


(Through the window we quickly glimpse a flying saucer with two aliens inside, eating corn on the cob.)




                    Well, he couldn’t miss with newly-found vigor

                    He watched the white marble grow bigger and bigger.

                    He soon saw the man in the moon, face to face!




                    Orbit completed. Returning to base.




                    It was faster yet on the returning commute.




                    Press red button now to release parachute.




                    Cosmo did so, in order to land in one piece.


(From outside we see a parachute pop out of the rocket.)




                    And...touchdown. Standby for Banana Release.




                    From the ceiling descended a clear plastic chute

                    Which ejected a piece of the yellowy fruit.

                    Cosmo heard the door open and looked up to see

                    An astronaut suit on a small chimpanzee.


And there it was!




                                                    The Perfect Hat!




                    Oh, Cosmo had no doubt of that.

                    When you explore the cosmic realm, it

                    Helps if you possess a helmet.




                    I’m sorry, but you were supposed to be me!

                    I was taking a nap,




                                                            said the small chimpanzee.




                    Can I possibly make this mistake up to you?




                    No biggie...but there is one thing you could do:

                    Can I please have your helmet?




                                                                            he asked with great zeal.




                    Throw in the banana and you’ve got a deal. (They shake hands and trade.)




                    So Cosmo went home with the headgear in tow.

                    Gus at last had a hat for this evening’s big show!


(Cut to end of Ted Todman’s Talent Time.)




                    Before Ted Todman’s Talent Time comes to an end,

                    Here’s one final act: Cosmo Kimball and Friend!


(We see the curtain rise, and Cosmo’s puppet Gus appears. Unlike the rest of the animated story, the puppet is live video composited against a cartoon background. The puppet is wearing the astronaut helmet, and he sings a short, funny song about being an astronaut. Lots of applause afterwards.)




                    Wow, Cosmo Kimball! That really was great!

                    You brought up the rear, but were well worth the wait.

                    Tell me, how did you think of this wonderful act?




                    Then Cosmo described his strange day, fact by fact:

                    The bus, the parade, and the big chicken blimp,

                    The barge, and the rats, and the rocket and chimp.




                    That’s quite an adventure that happened to you!

                    But you took what life gave you and made something new.

                    Our Applause-O-Tron says you’re the Audience Favorite!

                    Congratulations! I hope that you’ll savor it.

                    You’re on your way, Cosmo!


PUPPET (Cosmo pops him up into frame):


                                                                    How about that!

                    And to think it all came from my one perfect hat!




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