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Kroger — Tennessee Titans


With Steve Gumm at NorthStar Studios, Bigfott created ten spots for the Kroger supermarket chain. One spot plays on the scoreboards during each Tennessee Titans home football game. The spots feature a “build a bigger burger” competition between Texas Pete, the Bunny Bread Bunny, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, and Kroger’s Molly Moo. Game attendees receive a Titans playbook featuring a Kroger coupon with one of the four characters printed on it. If your character wins the competition in that game’s spot, your coupon is then redeemable at your local Kroger for a free food item.


The spots were narrated by “Voice of the Titans” Mike Keith. Character artwork was done by Scott Shoemaker.


With the Bunny Bread Bunny being a childhood icon – and having played the Coca-Cola Polar Bear himself – Galen loved working on these spots!





Kroger and Molly Moo © The Kroger Co.

Texas Pete © TW Garner Food Company

Bunny Bread Bunny © Lewis Bakeries, Inc.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear © The Coca-Cola Company

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