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Join the fun as a train pulling a long, heavy load races a speedy little car across the country — through the mountains, through the desert, and through a blizzard! Who will win?


The film I’m Fast! is based on the book of the same name, written by Kate McMullan and illustrated by Jim McMullan. Galen Fott adapted and directed. Stanley Tucci provides the voice of the train engine. Animation is by Micah Baker, Peter Gulsvig, Jodie Hudson, Ken A. Priebe, Kevin Yowell, and Galen Fott. The music is composed by David Mansfield. The film is produced by Linda Lee, Paul R. Gagne, and Melissa Reilly Ellard at Weston Woods Studios. Running time is 7:42.

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Gold Remi Award, Worldfest Houston

Children’s Audience Silver Telly Award

Sound/Sound Design Bronze Telly Award

Belmont World Film Family Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

The Belcourt Theatre, Nashville

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

KidFilm Festival

Images from the film I’m Fast!, Copyright © 2012 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

I’m Fast! book Copyright © 2012 by Kate and Jim McMullan

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