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Clank! Rattle! Bang! Who’s making all that noise? A backhoe loader, reporting for duty. Cleaning up a mess? Easy as pie. Make that a mud pie! Find out just how dirty a backhoe can get while doing its job. Who wants to be clean when it’s so much fun being dirty?


The film I’m Dirty! is based on the book of the same name, written by Kate McMullan and illustrated by Jim McMullan. Galen Fott adapted and directed. Steve Buscemi provides the voice of the backhoe loader.  Animation is by Joe Apel, Micah Baker, Jon T. Brown, Johnny Castuciano, and Ken A. Priebe. Digital ink and paint is by Linda Bigbee, Hanna Bliss, Jon T. Brown, Lindsey Layne King, Steven Sanchez, Scott Shoemaker, and Kevin Yowell. The music is composed by David Mansfield. The film is produced by Linda Lee, Paul R. Gagne, and Melissa Reilly at Weston Woods Studios. Running time is 7:38.

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Booklist Editors' Choice

AudioFile Best Audiobook of the Year

BFI London Film Festival

American Library Association ALSC 2009 Notable Children's Video

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Bronze Remi Award

San Diego International Children’s Film Festival

KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival

SouthSide Film Festival

Belmont World Film Family Festival

The Belcourt Theatre, Nashville

KidFilm Festival

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“The enthusiastic backhoe from Kate and Jim McMullan’s popular book fairly dances through a day of muddy, messy work in this entertaining animated film...This energetic and irresistible book is even more fun through the magic of animation.” -- School Library Journal


“This raucous animated short excellently captures the manic fun of a dirt-loving backhoe loader. Fluid animation deftly captures the backhoe cleaning up a garbage-filled lot...David Mansfield’s bluesy, rollicking score enhances this amusing, skillfully rendered adaptation of Kate and Jim McMullan’s picture book.” --Booklist


“Steve Buscemi narrates with gusto, delighting in the escapades of this vehicle. His boisterous enthusiasm is in perfect sync with the text...jaunty music underscores the animated adventures.” --AudioFile


“Never has getting dirty on the job been so much fun!” -- ALA Notable Video Committee

Images from the film I’m Dirty!, Copyright © 2008 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

I’m Dirty! book Copyright © 2006 by Kate and Jim McMullan

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