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This animated film centers around a boy named Hubie, the star of the many "Black Lagoon" books by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee. Hubie’s class is getting a new gym teacher, nicknamed “Coach Kong” for his barbaric treatment of the students. Hubie is sure he's doomed...but when he actually gets to gym class, will things be as he expected?


The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon is based on the book of the same name, written by Mike Thaler and illustrated by Jared Lee. Galen Fott adapted and directed. Joey Stack provided the voice of Hubie. Animation is by Joe Apel, Micah Baker, Johnny Castuciano, Ken A. Priebe, and Kevin Yowell. Digital color is by Laura Fott and Scott Shoemaker. The music is composed by Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds. The film is produced by Linda Lee, Paul R. Gagne and Melissa Reilly Ellard at Weston Woods Studios. Running time is 9:01.

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American Library Association ALSC 2010 Notable Children's Video

Anima Mundi

KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival

KidzFlix Children’s Film Festival

Lighthouse International Film Festival

Belmont World Film Festival

Breath of Life Animation Festival

KidFilm Fest, USA Film Festival

The Belcourt Theatre, Nashville

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“Jared Lee’s humorous illustrations have been fully animated to accompany and augment Mike Thaler’s tongue-in-cheek text...The narrator, Joey Stack, is perfect as the voice of the boy.” -- School Library Journal


“This film is the perfect prescription for a child suffering from school anxiety. Everything in this movie is perfect, from the narrator’s voice to the background music.” -- KIDS FIRST Adult Jurors

Images from the film The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon, Copyright © 2009 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon book Copyright © 1994 by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee