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Hally Tosis is a great family dog, but there is one horrible thing about her: her breath! It is so smelly, Hally's pet parents want to find a new home for her. The children, desperate to keep their beloved pet, try everything to rid Hally of her stinky stench. Can life for the Tosis Family end up smelling like a rose? 


Dog Breath is based on the book written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey. The film was adapted and directed by Galen Fott. Oliver Wyman is the narrator. The musical score was composed and performed by Scotty Huff. The film is produced by Lori Benton, Paul R. Gagne, and Melissa R. Ellard at Weston Woods Studios.

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Images from the film Dog Breath Copyright © 2020 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

Dog Breath text and illustrations Copyright © 1994 by Dav Pilkey

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