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The little Butterfly that could

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In The Very Impatient Caterpillar, we watched our panicked protagonist grow into a beautiful butterfly. But when he's separated from his traveling companions in their flight across the ocean, can he ever find them again? You'll find the answer in this whale of a tale!

The Little Butterfly That Could is based on the book written and illustrated by Ross Burach. The film was adapted, directed, and animated by Galen Fott. The musical score was composed and performed by Bruce Zimmerman. The film is produced by Lori Benton, Paul R. Gagne, and Melissa R. Ellard at Weston Woods Studios.

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KidFilm Family Festival, Dallas

Belmont World Family Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival — Orange County Museum of Art

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Images from the film The Little Butterfly That Could Copyright © 2022 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

The Little Butterfly That Could text and illustrations Copyright © 2021 by Ross Burach

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